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Children’s food

All children deserve good, nutritional food of high culinary quality. Food has to provide enjoyment and satisfaction for the children, the parents and the employees in the public institutions.


The Copenhagen House of Food provides advice to child-care institutions and the Children and Youth Administration at the City of Copenhagen, and assists in skills-upgrading, recruiting of kitchen staff, kitchen design and knowledge-sharing in the field of children's food. We have an ongoing focus on developing concepts and gathering experiences, which will provide an increasing awareness on a balanced healthy diet and a new, enjoyable and sustainable food culture for the youngest members of our society.

It is our responsibility to pass on healthy eating habits to our children. Doing so will not only improve the quality of life for our children, it will also have socio-economic benefits for the entire society.

  • The Copenhagen House of Food /Københavns Madhus
  • Bastbygningen
  • Ingerslevsgade 44
  • DK-1705 Copenhagen V
  • +45 : 4090 9109