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Nutrition and presentation

Children need nutritional and healthy food in the right amounts. But the presentation of the food - the taste and smell, the culinary quality, the looks, the consistency and the produce are just as important factors when serving food for children.


To make sure that our children are brought up with a nutritional composition that will strengthen their growth, health and happiness, we have to make sure that the food we serve our children supports this.

Nutrition and love of food are closely connected. Food - no matter how healthy - is not nutritious, before it has actually been eaten. That is why we at the Copenhagen House of Food would like to stress the importance of the presentation of the food - it is just as important as the food itself. Cooking for children demands an insight into children's nutritional needs, their tastes and their perception of food. The food has to be appetising - both in taste, texture and appearance.

We recommend:

  • That the nutritional compositions are adapted to the children eating it
  • That the meals' versatility is secured through a variation in the foods - this can be done by planning each meal
  • That attention is given to each child's different nutritional needs, and that these needs are accommodated
  • That public dietary recommendations are followed
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