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Change agency

The Copenhagen House of Food is a change agency in constant development. The field of food, public meals and nutrition is constantly changing, and it is our job, to be at the forefront of that. That is why we keep on developing new projects, new ideas and new visions.

To ensure that we are always in tune with the newest development when it comes to sustainability and organic conversion, children's food and school food, pedagogy, public nutrition etc., we employ a broad selection of employees, who specialises in the different areas.

Sharing knowledge

Being an independent foundation, the Copenhagen House of Food has the opportunity to be the critical voice that strikes a blow for a healthier, happier and more sustainable public food culture in Denmark - but also across the Danish boarders. We are always interested in getting into contact with other agencies working for the same cause, to share our knowledge in the field.

  • The Copenhagen House of Food /Københavns Madhus
  • Bastbygningen
  • Ingerslevsgade 44
  • DK-1705 Copenhagen V
  • +45 : 4090 9109