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Improving competences

The Copenhagen House of Food offers a selection of seminars that strive to expand the capacity of kitchen staff in public kitchens.


We offer short or long-term seminars, which are custom built to the needs and wishes of public institution.  Our mission is to build a creative working environment where food courage and nutrition is in focus. The kitchen staff are provided with the necessary tools to incorporate changes in their kitchens that will create a healthier and tastier food culture - in each individual institution.

All seminars focus on organic principles. High culinary and nutritional qualities are fundamental values we wish to pass on through our seminars to the kitchen staff in public institutions. With these seminars, we hope to contribute to a positive change in the institutions, a healthier lifestyle for the people eating the food, and a higher job satisfaction for the kitchen staff preparing and serving food for our children, elderly and ill.

Examples of seminars:

  • Filling foods for elderly: This seminar focuses on the challenges that follow when cooking for elderly people. We provide the kitchen staff with lasting and feasible solutions so that elderly people in public institutions get food with the correct nutritional value and og high culinary quality.
  • Nutritional food for children: This seminar provides a larger insight into the nutritional needs of children at different ages. The seminar has a theoretical and practical approach to how institutions can provide nutritional balanced food for children with organic and seasonal produce.
  • The organic kitchen: This seminar provides insight into how to use seasonal organic produce without bursting the budget when undergoing an organic conversion in the public kitchen. Moreover the seminar focuses on how to maximize the taste and health of the food while minimizing the food waste.

These seminars are available for kitchen staff from Danish municipalities.

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