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Food schools

Seven schools have developed into 'food schools' – a kind of profile school with focus on food and meals. It is more than just a kitchen with food production and a menu.

The aim is to create diversity in school lunch offers in Copenhagen. The students are involved in the whole process from menu planning and production to the presentation of the actual meal.


The schools are daily producing meals in their own kitchens and have food, meal culture and health as a central part of their curriculum, and as the profile of the school publicly.


The schools with a meal profile also function as 'food laboratories' and places where new ideas are tested, and experiences are made with food and children, which can be expanded and shared with other schools in the city and at daycare centers

  • The Copenhagen House of Food /Københavns Madhus
  • Bastbygningen
  • Ingerslevsgade 44
  • DK-1705 Copenhagen V
  • +45 : 4090 9109