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About the Kitchen Lift

Copenhagen House of Food has developed a tool to assess the quality of the meals that are being cooked and served in the institutions of the Copenhagen municipality. We call it the Kitchen Lift. The goal of the Kitchen Lift is to help the participating institution to create better meals, and identify potential areas of development, but also to create a general picture of the quality of the public meals.

Purpose and Background
In order to create a more unequivocal picture of the quality of the public meals, a method is developed to assess the total quality of meals.

When the Copenhagen House of Food was established, the City Council gave us this task. It has been the starting point of working with the rating model - what is now called the Kitchen Lift.

The purpose of the Kitchen Lift is to be a tool for the individual institution or committee. It should help them see where it would be beneficial to do more, or to do things differently. In addition, advice, education and development plans are offered. The recommendation from the Copenhagen House of Food is that all institutions that serve all meals of the day should participate in the Kitchen Lift.

An unequivocal picture of the quality of the public meals, as the City Council requested, can only be accommodated once a majority of the institutions have signed up to participate and have been assessed. The time perspective for this is unknown, but realistically within 3-5 years.

The institutions who get an excellent rating, receive diplomas for their work. The diplomas and awards are presented at a yearly celebration taking place at City Hall.

The 5 Promises
The Kitchen Lift is based on a model to assess the meals, where the bar is very high. This is to set a clear goal and give something to strive for. Development is essential, and only very few institutions will meet all the aims of the 5 promises as a starting point.

1. Ready to eat: Culinary quality
2. Quality of produce
3. Respect for the meal: The surroundings of the meal
4. The right food for the right people: nutrition and target group
5. Responsibility and joy of working: Interdisciplinary and structural surroundings

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