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Behind the Kitchen Lift

The Kitchen Lift is based on 3 pillars: The food, the meal, and the organisation. Based on these 3 pillars, the 5 promises have been developed, and along with them a catalogue with aims and guidance.

The food:

The food is naturally of fundamental importance to the quality of a meal, but which parameters make the final result on the plate be defined as a part of 'the good meal'? Some of the aims for the good meal are that the food satisfies the needs of the senses such as taste, smell, texture, appearance etc. That the food has been cooked thinking of variation, and reflects the changing seasons. That time and skills have been used in cooking and tasting the food. That the food is organic, etc.

The meal:

The meal contains all the aspects surrounding the eating situation which - besides the food - influences the good meal, and which often have a crucial importance for the experience of the food. Some are the physical surroundings such as the space, the table setting, cleaning, lighting, noise levels etc. The social surroundings and cultural rules, routines and norms are also of great importance. For instance; does the meal have a host, are the hosts aware of their role, do they possess the necessary competencies to act as hosts etc. And last, but not least; the people eating the meal, and their options of influence.

The organization:

This pillar is about the institution and the kitchens' way of organising the food and the meals. But it is also about responsibility and joy of working. Aspects such as responsibility, communication about common values, professionalism/skills, ownership and budget.

The 5 Promises

The Kitchen Lift is based on a model to assess the meals, where the bar is very high. This is to set a clear goal and give something to strive for. Development is essential, and only very few institutions will meet all the aims of the 5 promises as a starting point.

1. Ready to eat: Culinary quality
2. Quality of produce
3. Respect for the meal: The surroundings of the meal
4. The right food for the right people: nutrition and target group
5. Responsibility and joy of working: Interdisciplinary and structural surroundings

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