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Campaign: Getting to 90% organic

The City of Copenhagen has a target to reach 90% organic food in the public kitchens in Copenhagen before the end of 2015. We are well on the way.

By 2011 the City of Copenhagen had a target to reach 75% organic food in the public kitchens in Copenhagen. This goal was reached! As a celebration of this milestone, as a contribution to all the hardworking kitchen staff, and as a reminder of the work ahead to reach 90% by the end of 2015, Copenhagen House of Food has composed a slightly different campaign. A campaign which celebrates the true heroes of this success - the kitchen staff.  These are the people who make organic meals in public institutions a reality.

The campaign portrayed the people, who are the true heroes behind the success. 1.000 portraits have been taken of 1.000 kitchen staff, in  institutions around Copenhagen. These pictures are followed by a short introduction and a picture of the 'menu of the day'. The portraits are  being showcased through an exhibition 'People behind the plate', which has been travelling around the city visiting different organisations, ministries and events.


The campaign evolved into the "Getting to 90%" campaign, which is inspiring the public institutions and kitchen staff to give their all to reach the 90% organic consumption through "organic kits" for each of the institutions, a city-wide poster-campaign, celebrations, road-shows and video pep-talks by,  among others, the Lord Mayor of Copenhagen and  Sofie Gråbøl (aka Sarah Lund from The Killing).

See the campaign on our Danish webpage 'here'.

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