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About the Copenhagen House of Food

The Copenhagen House of Food is an independent, non-commercial foundation established by the City of Copenhagen in 2007 to improve the quality of meals offered by the City of Copenhagen to its citizens and to create a healthy, happy and sustainable public food culture. We now work across Denmark. Our mission is to change the eating culture and to stimulate the senses and install a love of quality food in Copenhagen's public kitchens - in heads as well as sauce pans.

The Copenhagen House of Food is a vehicle for change, facilitating projects, providing consultancy, courses, supplementary training, communicating and much more - all in the area of public meals. We are a wide range of employees - chefs, food specialists, generalists, teachers, project managers, communicators, ethnologists, designers etc. We have many years of experience in organic conversion of public kitchens, and most of us spend a considerable amount of our time, not behind our desks, but facilitating the process towards better public food, as agents of change on the kitchen floors of public kitchens across Denmark.


  • The Copenhagen House of Food /Københavns Madhus
  • Bastbygningen
  • Ingerslevsgade 44
  • DK-1705 Copenhagen V
  • +45 : 4090 9109