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Our mission

Copenhagen House of Food has a goal of increasing the quality of public meals and to create a healthy and happy eating culture in the "public sphere".


In relation to the people eating, the Copenhagen House of Food should contribute with:

• matching the food to the needs of those eating

• establishing the habit of having a host or a hostess behind every meal - a person who is responsible for the product and for the well-being of those eating

• heightening the experience of the consuming the meal through attention to all aspects of the eating situation

• using food and the meals as a vehicle to support learning and activating children as well as adults

In relation to the producers and suppliers, the Copenhagen House of Food should:

• change management to prioritize the quality of food and meals

• put focus on making good food and healthy meals important parameters for municipal service and responsibility

• create a debate about food being an important part of the basic care in the public institutions

• be part of creating a high culinary quality starting in the municipality frame 

• take the lead in promoting food, which is produced sustainably and organically and with those eating it being aware of the origin of the produce

• increase the prestige and joy of working in the kitchens where municipal meals are being produced

  • The Copenhagen House of Food /Københavns Madhus
  • Bastbygningen
  • Ingerslevsgade 44
  • DK-1705 Copenhagen V
  • +45 : 4090 9109